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Hi folks,
we currently working on new wallet (with completely new chain)
its actually would be new  coin - XXL2,
nice, improved and without nasty bug that cause balance overflow.
You can exchange old XXL to XXL2 on xxlcoin.org website
when we finish wallet.
Main priority for now is back to MintPal with new and fixed XXL2.

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XXLcoin is designed to be the digital currency of the future.
XXLcoin has the largest reward per block.
Оur goal is to create a better and stable coin.

The active XXLcoin community thread can be found here.
Github sources can be found here.
We building EXCHANGE - join us.

Explorer can be found here


  • Scrypt Algo
  • Progressive Difficulty Adjustment
  • Re-target every 2h
  • 120 seconds block time
  • TOTAL AMOUNT 2800 Billions


  • first 100000 blocks - rnd(12mil) reward
    next 200000 blocks - rnd(6mil) reward
    next 300000 blocks - rnd(3mil) reward
    next 400000 blocks - rnd(1.5mil) reward
    next 500000 blocks - rnd(0.8mil) reward
    next 600000 blocks - rnd(0.6mil) reward
    total 2,800 billion

  • All Blocks rewards is random



   Help us to keep XXLcoin running,
   adding more pools, services and exchanges.

   ltc:  LYu2NEuwBWCsqRN7CrEGEwxmg6Mjx3iRoj
   xxl:  XYJBuWWFtBTSn3SHAa88A5vCGJX9dtFfSm



The latest version of wallet

source code
Github sources