BitConnect tops this listing of”dead” coins, since it’s thought to be a deceptive plot — among the greatest in the history of crypto. The BitConnect job was accused of producing a large financial pyramid.

BitConnect’s blistering invasion of this CoinMarketCap top-10 record, using a capitalization of $2 billion soon after the introduction of the job in January 2017, stunned manyrumors and rumors of a questionable plot started to spread fairly quickly. But, just by the end of 2017 did cryptocurrency investors opt to openly accuse the job of organizing a investment scam — a so-called Ponzi scheme.

Among the more notable critics of this job was billionaire and famous Bitcoin investor Mike Novogratz, who said on Twitter which BitConnect actually resembles a Ponzi scheme that strikes the image of the whole sector: “BitConnect really seems like a scam. period.”

The main reason for this bitterness is your BitConnect financing program. The job guaranteed significant bonuses for deposits in Bitcoin. However, based to users that are frustrated, the incentive payment mechanism stayed opaque, and also the essence of its source was unknown. This led the neighborhood to guess that the job represented a financial pyramid constructed in addition to a multilevel referral program.

Many critics pointed out that the only potential origin of incentive gains are residue from new investors, but that information was kept confidential from the founders of this job, whose identities were unknown. Nonetheless, in ancient 2018, BitConnect was starting to fall. Texas and North Carolina regulators compelled the creators to shut the lending plan and their cryptocurrency market, which makes the BitConnect (BCC) token laborious and then causing it to depreciate. Then, one by one, collective suits began to be submitted from BitConnect, and United States police arrived to grips with exploring the actions of this job — where a U.S. courtroom chose to suspend its assets.


XEM, is the token of this Nem (New market movement) system, a cryptocurrency which has been launched in March 2015. The energetic development of the XEM cryptocurrency started in 2016. The uniqueness of XEM can be found in the fact that its evolution has been completed on initial open source code, thanks to the cryptocurrency managed to commence many helpful innovations. The entrance, withdrawal and trade of this XEM cryptocurrency occurs on exchanges.

XEM is used to create instantaneous transfers and obligations globally without big commissions. It may be bought both online and for money, in addition to be utilized for exchange surgeries among other monies. XEM is now a remarkably common cryptocurrency and today is at the top-30 currencies from the market capitalization index, based on Coin360.

But, among the most significant cryptocurrency markets in Japan, Coincheck, affirmed in January 2018 a massive scale theft of funds in the stage has happened. A total of $123.5 million in the kind of XEM tokens has been promised. At the moment, Coincheck suspended all surgeries with XEM along with other altcoins. Meanwhile, the unconfirmed reports were obtained that unidentified attackers lacked additional $600 million worth of XEM in the market.

Shortly later, Coincheck agents officially reported that the overall losses of 58 billion yen ($123.5 million). The market filed a statement with the Financial Services Agency of Japan (FSA) and local law enforcement agencies concerning the cyber assault. Additionally, agents of Coincheck assured they were analyzing ways to compensate customers for the missing funds. Despite assurances in the Nem Foundation, the information of this Coincheck hack along with the theft of this a massive amount caused a sharp decrease of XEM: The coin fell sharply in a brief time period, and from February, its worth was roughly $0.60 and remains floating about that amount.

According to the latest Global Public Blockchain Technology Assessment Index of this CCID ran by China, where Cointelehraph reported, NEM keeps the last place from the indicator. The state-sponsored index assesses projects based on their technologies, innovation and application. Regardless of this, the NEM job proceeds to build up the much-anticipated Catapult blockchain engine which can power both public and private networks, which can be set to start toward the end of 2019.

The Russian-based job Universa brought $28 million throughout its market in December 2017. The said aim was to make a blockchain platform for business applications depending on the high-speed Universa blockchain protocol, with a capacity of around 22,000 trades per second (TPS). A significant fact for the marketing of this project was that the venture with Ernst & Young (EY) — and also a few of the greatest Russian banks, Alfa Bank — also has fortified Universa’s picture as a national blockchain industry leader.

The creator of MGT Capital Investments and also the founder of anti virus applications McAfee Security, John McAfee, became a part of the advisory committee of the Russian blockchain project, led by author Alexander Borodich. McAfee talked about this in the time on Twitter:”

However, the moment the markets cooled , a battle among the members of this project’s administration became evident, which led to legal proceedings being registered after the accusations of damaging the company’s reputation one of the top management of this undertaking. But while the direction of this business was figuring out their differences, the daily trading volume of Assets hardly managed to achieve $42.000the liquidity was nearly absent and the HitBTC trade delisted this cryptocurrency. Meanwhile, the job is quite much alive and growing new ventures.

Bitcoin Diamond

Bitcoin Diamond (BCD) is a branch of Bitcoin. This cryptocurrency was made at November 2017 as a consequence of the separation of the mainchain of Bitcoin following obstruct #495866. The objective of the cryptocurrency is just like the initial Bitcoin, as a way of payment that’s suitable for internet purchases. The BCD token was imputed to each of Bitcoin token holders after the fork. The accrual was completed in a ratio of 1 BTC to 10 BCD. Therefore, the most quantity of BCD tokens can’t exceed 210 million tokens, whereas 170 million tokens were published immediately and dispersed among Bitcoin holders.

Bitcoin Diamond differs in the initial Bitcoin in many Important areas:

Block size has been raised to 8 MB, eight times bigger in comparison to Bitcoin.
A brand new encryption method has been implemented, solving problems of confidentiality.
Increased rate of every block, decreasing delays in confirming trades and their prices.
The roadmap of this job promised that, from the start of 2020, Bitcoin Diamond should exceed Bitcoin in terms of its use cases. However, the development strategy has left a great deal of doubts, together with the major question being: When will operate on the BCD token be competed?

According to Coin360, Bitcoin Diamond’s capitalization is at around $140.5 million, and the cost of the tokens from the moment of listing has almost constantly been decreasing.

“SCAM WARNING — several websites claim to allow you to amass Bitcoin Diamond. They will steal your resources. Never put in your mnemonic to a third party site.”


“We had been working on discovering a significant scam round nearby wallet with cryptocurrencies. There were approximately 500 coins at the pocket, however more than owners of the coins dropped 80-90percent of funds on those coins, but they kept producing more. During the time that the owners restored this coins new ones and recorded again in certain niches and for a brief period the price of those coins climbed again but soon expired. So I wouldn’t advise purchasing any revived coin. Various other coins simply get eliminated from 1 market then couple months later get to a fresh one. Many motives of this collapse.”

Peter Brand, a financial analyst and trader, who correctly predicted an 80% drop in the cost of Bitcoin last year, takes a harsher stance, saying that only a few cryptocurrencies have a future ahead of them:

“Cryptos developed due to BTC. The cryptocurrency narrative is a Bitcoin narrative. It’s tough for me to name these coins which are going to be useless, but I really feel that 99 percent will end up useless since their origination was driven by an effort of a individual, business or consortium to ride the coattails of Bitcoin. I feel that LTC and ETH possess a fantastic opportunity to retain value due to their already mass approval. On the flip side, I feel that market coins (designed to tackle very specific functions ) and coins mostly controlled (for instance, XRP) face an uphill battle.”