Block Reward: up to 12,000,000.00  Blocks: 22089  Block Time: 2.00 minute(s)  Networkhash: 200554513  Difficulty: 5.94041232   plain statistic Getting Started


convert BNB to BTC Create a XXLcoin address to recieve payments.

You simply need to download and install the wallet software for the coin, create a configuration file for the coin and run the wallet. Download the XXLcoin client from here.

Sample xxlcoin.conf (c:\Users\Username\AppData\Roaming\XXLcoin\)

  • rpcuser=username
  • rpcpassword=password
  • rpcallowip=localhost
  • rpcport=50771
  • port=50772
  • gen=0
  • server=1
  • addnode=
2. Download a miner.
  • CGMiner Linux/Windows: Download here
  • CGMiner Mac OS X: Download here
  • CPU Miner Mac/Linux/Windows: precompiled binaries are available Download here.

3. Configure your miner for solo mining.

Solo mining will make use of your current rig and it will mine by itself. All coins you find will be yours and yours alone. However, in this day and age, we strongly advise you pool mine. Pool mining assures you a constant payout and you will always get paid. Since the difficulty for Bitcoins and Litecoins are so high it could take many months and even years before you find a block for them by solo mining. If you chose to solo mine, we definitely recommend you only do so with some of the XXLcoin since the difficulty will be much lower.

Assuming you are using CGMiner and have installed it to the C:\CGMiner directory, all you really need to do to get started is launch the application via command line.

The basic information you need to launch CGMiner is the following: -o *servername:port* -u *yourusername* -p *yourpassword* So, to launch your miner you would simply click Start > Run and type in: “C:\CGMiner\cgminer.exe -o servername:port -u **yourusername** -p **yourpassword**” (without the **). If you want to mine a XXLcoin,  you simply need to add the “–scrypt” flag after you call cgminer. So your command would look like this: C:\CGMiner\cgminer.exe --scrypt -o servername:port -u **yourusername** -p **yourpassword* If you are solo mining, your server name will be the local IP address for your computer (generally and the port will be the same you set as the rpcport in the configuration file. So, based on the example configuration file above, the command would be as follows C:\CGMiner\cgminer.exe --scrypt -o -u YourUsername -p YourPassword

4. Configure your miner for pool. 

Settings for Stratum (recommended):

STRATUM: stratum+tcp://
PORT: 7957
Username: Weblogin.Worker
Password: Worker Password

If you use a command-line miner, type:

./cgminer --scrypt  -o stratum+tcp:// -u Weblogin.Worker -p Worker password

If you want, you can create additional workers with usernames and passwords of your choice Here

4.1. Create a XXLcoin address to recieve payments.

  • Generate a new address and input it on your account pool page to receive payments.

5. Advanced cgminer settings / FAQ

  • Scrypt readme
  • Don't set intensity too high, I=11 is standard and safest. Higher intensity takes more GPU RAM. Check for hardware errors in cgminer (HW). HW=0 is good, otherwise lower intensity :)
  • Set shaders according to the readme (or look at your graphic cards specifications). Cgminer uses this value at first run to calculate thread-concurrency. Easiest way to get this optimized is to use same settings as others have used here: here.
  • There's also an interesting project which gives you a GUI for cgminer. Windows only it seems.
  • Here's a great guide how to get up and running with Xubuntu.