Within this informative article, I will share with you an summary of the very well-known cryptocurrencies. I’ll chat about their benefits, disadvantages and their budget.

So, at the conclusion of the manual, you won’t just understand the very best cryptocurrency 2019 but also the reasons for their popularity.

Our very first cryptocurrency is Bitcoin.

Produced in 2008, Bitcoin has been the earliest ever cryptocurrency. The intriguing thing about Bitcoin is that nobody knows who made it. All we know is that he/she/they go from the pseudonym of all Satoshi Nakamoto.

Bitcoin is an electronic money based on a dispersed ledger technology called blockchain, which you may read more about here. Bitcoin eradicates the requirement for centralized intermediaries such as banks and credit card firms etc., when making payments.

If you would like to cover 1 BTC for your buddy, you are able to do it right without needing to call your lender in any way. Thus, just two words to explain Bitcoin is — digital and decentralized. Its intent is to make an option for fiat monies, such as USD, GBP, JPY, etc..

One reason why BTC is one of the best 10 cryptocurrencies is the earliest one, it’s the largest community of programmers and investors financing it for additional growth.
It isn’t hard to buy Bitcoin, even for novices, since it’s supported with of the best exchanges and pockets.
Bitcoin has been embraced in the mainstream market. Bloomberg, Microsoft, Overstock.com, Expedia.com and lots of other people have begun accepting obligations in BTC.
With an extremely slow trade rate, Bitcoin is facing substantial challenges in scaling up. A Bitcoin trade takes approximately ten minutes, and its own network can process just approximately 7 trades per second.
Mining, that is a significant action for any cryptocurrency, has come to be tremendously energy-intensive in the instance of Bitcoin. Bitcoin mining is currently possible only with expensive, super strong hardware which uses a great deal of electricity.
Transaction prices for delivering Bitcoin will also be at an all-time large, which makes it less viable.
Historical functionality

In 2010, you can purchase 1 Bitcoin (BTC) for under a buck and at December 2017, the purchase price of a single BTC attained a high of $17,900. As you can see in the photo below, BTC climbed by nearly 2000 percent in 2017 alone.

Like all other leading 10 cryptocurrencies, BTC also watched a massive dip in the Q1 of 2018 and continues to be changing ever because. Its cost has undergone another substantial dip in December of 2018.

BTC, using a market capitalization of $163 billion, has a market share of approximately 36%. Bitcoin is the beginning point of this cryptocurrency world and thus it’s definitely the hottest cryptocurrency.

Ethereum is your 2nd most precious cryptocurrency following Bitcoin. Produced in 2015 by Vitalik Buterin, Ethereum is really considerably more than only a digital money.

Ethereum is a blockchain-based platform for creating decentralized programs and intelligent contracts. Ether is your native cryptocurrency utilized for all of the trades on Ethereum’s blockchain.

Note: Smart contracts will be the arrangements coded on the blockchain plus they implement themselves on the satisfaction of particular pre-set ailments.

This signifies is that in the event that you’ve got an idea to get a project/application that uses blockchain technologies, you don’t have to come up with your personal blockchain. The main reason Ethereum differs from another top 10 cryptocurrencies is that you may begin constructing it upon Ethereum’s blockchain instead.

It is by far the most popular platform for building intelligent contracts, something that’s regarded as the upcoming big thing from the cryptocurrency world class.
Ethereum gives a fantastic platform for starting the Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs) for additional blockchain projects. Most the $5.6 billion worth of ICOs in 2017 premiered on Ethereum.
Ethereum includes a trade rate of a few minutes against the 10 minutes or even more of Bitcoin.
Like Bitcoin, Ethereum can be confronting serious problems regarding scalability. It uses an obsolete mechanism (Proof-of-Work) to check the trades that are resulting in network congestion. This is exactly the identical mechanism which Bitcoin utilizes, so like Bitcoin, Ethereum requires a whole lot of electricity. It’s essential to notice, however, that Ethereum is actively working toward a remedy for this.
Ethereum only supports a single coding language — Solidity. Since programmers will need to learn a new vocabulary, it functions as an entrance barrier for them.
Ethereum is facing stiff competition in the marketplace from coins such as NEO and Cardano that are providing comparable platforms but with enhanced technologies.
Historical functionality

Ethereum has been among the greatest performers of the best 10 cryptocurrencies of 2017. As you can see in the photo below, the purchase price of Ethereum climbed from $9 at January 2017 to $1389 at January 2018 providing a yield of 17,000 percent!

Presently, Ethereum has started crashing . Having a steady downwards series, it began showing signs of climbing out of the ashes once more in January 2019. Secondly, just to Bitcoin, Ethereum has a market capitalization of $77.5 billion.

With quite strong principles and an superb group, Ethereum certainly deserves its place among the very well-known cryptocurrencies.

Ripple is a really distinctive cryptocurrency since it’s focused on solving issues associated with only 1 business — International Payment Transfers. It was established in 2012 with the intention to produce global transactions both quickly and inexpensive.

Of the entire amount of 100 billion XRP which will exist, 50 billion have been possessed by Ripple labs (the firm behind Ripple).

This is a really different approach in comparison to many other high 10 cryptocurrencies in which there isn’t any central entity holding nearly all the coins.

An global money transfer takes approximately a week. On the flip side, Ripple can make it happen in minutes. Additionally, the prices are substantially lower compared to what’s charged by financial institutions and other cryptocurrencies.
Notice: The above image is in the 2017 December and Bitcoin prices have reduced since then.

Ripple has an extremely clear use case — global payments. The group can deliver the very best solutions targeted at one specific business.
Ripple is one of the couple cryptocurrency platforms that are being tested out in the actual world. Ripple has strategic ties with many major financial institutions and is now being used by American Express and Santander.
Since the business itself owns half the coins, it’s frequently criticized because of its centralized whereas decentralization is the core idea behind cryptocurrencies.
Banks and financial institutions, that can be Ripple’s most important customers, have begun developing their own cryptocurrencies for global payments.
Though Ripple has existed for quite a while, it jumped on the development vehicle just in the Q2 of 2017. But since then, it’s grown to become the 3rd most precious cryptocurrency one of another top 10 cryptocurrencies using a market capitalization of $34.12 billion.

In reality, XRP was one of the very best performers of 2017 because its cost grew from approximately in January 2017 to approximately $3.65 in January 2018. As with other cryptocurrencies, XRP touched and crashed its lowest of $0.48 in April 2018.

Since April, Ripple has undergone a great deal of problems trying to scale back up in cost. Some signals of growth could be viewed as of December 2018, however are they here to remain?

As its name implies, Bitcoin Cash was forked from Bitcoin itself in 2016. After the programmer community of Bitcoin couldn’t come to an arrangement concerning the modifications needed in Bitcoin’s code, it had been forked into BCH and it now ranks in the center one of the best 10 cryptocurrencies.

Note: A fork is when a cryptocurrency is divided in to 2. Parent cryptocurrencies keep their attributes while the kid cryptocurrency undergoes technological advancements.

The role of creating BCH was going to fix a number of the present issues of Bitcoin, particularly regarding scalability and transaction fees.

Bitcoin Cash transactions are quicker than Bitcoin trades due to the increase in block size to 8MB when compared with 1MB of Bitcoin.
Average Bitcoin trade fees are around $1.8 that has gone down to $0.067 in the instance of Bitcoin Cash.
Bitcoin Cash, such as Bitcoin, is anticipated to be totally decentralized.
BCH mining is as pricey as Bitcoin mining but provides lesser returns, therefore it’s not a popular among the miners.
Bitcoin Cash isn’t as readily available on cryptocurrency exchanges as another top 10 cryptocurrencies.
Launched only in 2016, Bitcoin Cash has increased very rapidly to make it on the very best cryptocurrency list. It climbed from roughly $500 in July 2017 to approximately $4,000 at December 2017, providing a yield of about 10,000percent in under 6 weeks.

As you can see in the chart below, the purchase price of Bitcoin Cash has been undergoing a constant downfall since ay 2018. With a couple of signs of life, the near future of BCH remains quite uncertain.

EOS token was started through an ICO at June 2017. EOS’s stage, which was anticipated to start in June 2018, is expected to become a direct competitor to Ethereum and NEO.

EOS has been made by Dan Larimer who’s also the creator of this cryptocurrency market Bitshares and blockchain-based blogging website Steemit.

EOS is constructing a platform for programmers to construct decentralized software and intelligent contracts, but using a huge advancement in engineering.

EOS is assumed to be more scalable than Ethereum since it utilizes an innovative mechanism (Delegated Proof-of-Stake + Byzantine Fault Tolerance) to confirm transactions. It’s supposedly capable of attaining 10,000-100,000 trades per second.
Unlike a few of the other top 10 cryptocurrencies, EOS supports several languages, such as C++.
EOS includes an extremely professional staff with a proven history.
The biggest problem is that the stage has not been established so nobody knows for certain how bad or good it really is.
Launched in July 2017, EOS increased $700 million in its own ICO over by the time January 2018 arrived by. It’s increased more since then. As you can see in the image below, EOS has a continuing ICO that opens up for brief time intervals at fixed intervals. It is possible to check additional information here.

As you can see in the graph below, the EOS nominal cost has increased substantially since its ICO launch. Actually, it’s among the few cryptocurrencies that was affected by the market crash that occurred in 2018.

After all, EOS is unquestionably one of the very best cryptocurrencies for 2019.

Much like Ethereum, Cardano has also been designed as a stage for both decentralized programs and intelligent contracts.

Like EOS, the gap between Cardano and Ethereum lies at the numerous technological advancements it has made over Ethereum’s technology. Cardano has been regarded since the 3rd and most innovative generation of blockchain technology however (as EOS and NEO are), which makes it one of the best 10 cryptocurrencies of 2019.

Cardano is supported by an academic network of international scientists and researchers leading to its blockchain development.
Cardano is considerably more scalable than Ethereum using a present capacity of 257 trades per second.
Cardano plans to deliver about Interoperability meaning it may interact with various cryptocurrencies and their infrastructures in a seamless way.
A lot of thoughts which were suggested by Cardano are yet to be developed in the finished product. Therefore, it remains to be seen if they’ll be successfully attained or not.
There is already enormous competition in this area, from Ethereum into EOS and NEO into Fusion.
Regardless of being a very fresh cryptocurrency, Cardano has demonstrated outstanding growth and attained a market capitalization of $9.35 billion.

Cardano climbed from roughly $0.20 in October 2017 to get a price of $1.20 at January 2018, providing a yield of approximately 500 percent in 3 weeks. As with other leading 10 cryptocurrencies, Cardano’s cost crashed in March 2018 however it’s currently showing signs of revival.

Litecoin was made back in 2011 by Charlie Lee, an ex-Google worker. It was constructed on the blockchain of Bitcoin itself, with the objective of improving it.

Therefore, such as Bitcoin, Litecoin can also be only a digital money and doesn’t offer a stage for intelligent contracts.

Litecoin has among the most well-known cryptocurrencies since it’s survived the test of time and has existed for more than 7 decades.

Litecoin trades take approximately 2.5 minutes while it takes 10 minutes to finish a Bitcoin trade. This is actually the reason it is known as the”Lite” coin.
Average Litecoin trade fees are approximately $0.179 against $1.8 of Bitcoin.
Except for trade rate, there isn’t any alternative offering from Litecoin that may substantially differentiate it from other people. It’s facing stiff competition from coins that provide solitude, smart contracts, and global obligations, etc..
Like Bitcoin mining, Litecoin mining can be costly and limited to people with specialized strong hardware.
Litecoin has been among the best 10 cryptocurrencies for quite a while using a market capitalization of $9.64 billion.

Litecoin had an excellent 2017 because its cost grew from $4 billion in January 2017 to $350 at December 2017, providing it a yield of over 8000 percent.

Costs of Litecoin dipped because the cryptocurrency economy crashed in March 2018. Its cost was moving ever since.

Stellar was set in 2014 by Jed McCaleb who’s also the founder of Ripple. In reality, Ripple was challenging forked into Stellar along with the Stellar Development Foundation was first born. Much like Ripple, Stellar can also be concentrated on creating cross-border payments much more efficient.

1 thing which stands out for Stellar when compared to all of the other popular cryptocurrencies is the Stellar Development Foundation is a nonprofit company. As you can see in the image below, its mission can be in accordance with that.

Stellar is much more decentralized compared to its nearest competition, Ripple. Additionally, being a nonprofit, it inspires more confidence than others.
Stellar has secured strategic partnerships with more than 30 banks and together with associations such as Deloitte and IBM.
There are lots of coins which are targeting this area of global obligations, for example, number 3 on our list of Top 10 cryptocurrencies — Ripple.
Stellar has existed because 2014 but it didn’t see much grip’til the end of Q1 2017.


It is currently experiencing a stabilization — time will tell if IOTA will manage to climb back up.


NEO, a Chinese cryptocurrency, was created in 2014 by Da Hongfei. Did you know that it was originally called AntShares? In fact, it only got rebranded to NEO in June 2017!

NEO is often referred to as the”Chinese Ethereum” due to the similarities to the rival among the best 10 cryptocurrencies Ethereum. Additionally, it supplies a blockchain-based platform for the creation of Smart contracts and launch ICOs.

Pros of NEO

NEO can finish 10,000 transactions per second in comparison to the 15 trades of Ethereum.
While Ethereum supports just 1 programming language, NEO supports numerous languages such as C++, C#, Go, Java, which makes it a favorite among developers.
It seems to benefit from the support of the Chinese authorities, which gives it a definite advantage in the huge Chinese and Asian markets.

Cons of NEO

Since it’s dependent on government assistance, it is going to be the worst strike in the event the Chinese government comes out with policies that are adverse.
It is targeting the very competitive section where there is intense competition from different cryptocurrencies at the upper 10 — Ethereum, Cardano, EOS.

Historical performance

NEO appeared to be in the very best cryptocurrency list due to the enormous yield it offered in 2017. NEO touched a high of approximately $162 at January 2018, a 111,400% increase in $0.16 in January 2017.

Much like IOTA, NEO is now undergoing a period of stabilization. It is priced at $7,74 USD using a market capitalization of $5.53 billion.

Thus, NEO is the final one in our listing of high cryptocurrencies 2018.

Final Words

You know that are the best 10 cryptocurrencies for 2019. You also understand about their source, pros, and cons.

I also have given you a brief picture of the previous performance of the hottest crypto’s. All these cryptocurrencies form over 75 percent of their entire cryptocurrency marketplace by market capitalization.

This listing of the most well-known cryptocurrencies should assist you in choosing the best ones on your own.

So, which ones are your favourite? Let us know!